What we found today: August 16th, 2012

by Chad Sansing

  • From “Reimagining Our Schools, NOW” by Sam Chaltain:

    “Let’s use the coming school year to take back our profession by raising it to a different standard of clarity and possibility. And let’s start holding ourselves accountable to a vision that actually reflects what we know is required to leave no child behind.”

  • “Can Texting Develop Other Writing Skills?” by Tina Barseghian (found through Paul Oh) on Mind/Shift reminded me of “The Update” by Matt Thompson (found through Roberto Greco) on Contents Magazine.

  • Local Teen Tech Girls advocate Kim Wilkens told me about Khan Academy’s Computer Science page.

  • From Leading Is Learning, “You have to do it (before you know how to do it)”.

    You have to do it before you know how to do it. We don’t often unpack how ‘learning by doing’means that that the doing comes before the learning. As educators, we’re often uncomfortable with this – we want to be the subject matter experts and avoid ambiguity. As a result, too much PD talks about an idea before we actually get to try it and feel the mess for ourselves.

  • Creation Space at a local elementary school-from Erica Thorsen Payne.

    Creation Space @MeriwetherLElem

    Creation Space @MeriwetherLElem