What we found today: September 4th, 2012

by Chad Sansing

Democratizing Learning Innovation  by DMLCentral

Democratizing Learning Innovation by DMLCentral

  • My friend and I talked about an extreme-weather/terra-forming project this morning, and the mad-scientist angle we took reminded me of Simply Awesome Sylvia. Watching Sylvia’s videos, I could easily imagine a science-infused maker middle school built around doing science, blogging and vlogging science, and following other kids’ informational texts about science to repeat, validate, and/or challenge peer’s methods and findings.

  • On the drive home this weekend, my kids played nothing but the Scribblenauts home screen. I’m starting to think the game would make for both a great visual dictionary and a great visualization tool for class concepts, content, and stories. I’m sure that I’m late to the party in discovering all this; is anyone using Scribblenauts extensively in a classroom for reference or composition?

  • I found Wide Angle Youth Media through the Digital Harbor Foundation website. Wide Angle Youth Media is a Baltimore non-profit focused on media education for youth empowerment through community engagement and participatory politics. I like this “Anything Is Possible” video riffing on “Where I’m From.”

  • From brain picker Maria Popova, the wisdom of Ray Bradbury: “Don’t think about things, just do them; don’t predict them, just make them.” ‘Nuff said regarding education.

  • Automated copyright infringement-slinging Web bots shut down a broadcast of the sci-fi Hugo Awards on Sunday. It’s really important that we give kids practice composing with fair use media so that they understand why and how to use it rhetorically or artistically, so that they understand where their fair use rights stop, and so that they know how, why, and when to challenge corporate interests needlessly limiting free speech.