What we found today: September 5th, 2012

by Chad Sansing

Our new MaKey MaKey kit

Our new MaKey MaKey kit

  • Very psyched to find our class MaKey MaKey kit waiting for me in the mail today. Tomorrow is all about capturing and sharing the story of our early makey efforts. Digital story-telling + making + reflection = win.

  • Shawn Cornally has teamed up with his former student Helaina Thompson “to increase the rate of female retention after entry-level physics courses”. We should all compose with students – and we should all work together to unpack biased classes, methods, and operations in public schools so that we all get to the learning. The question should never be, “Why does this kid deserve this?” All kids deserve the best, most authentic learning we can offer. The question should be the one that concerns Shawn and Helaina: “How do we help students access this?”

  • Mind/Shift announces the opening of the PlayMaker School, a game-based school that incorporates material making as part of teaching and learning. The best part (for teachers): the in-house professional development shop is called the “DreamLab.” I appreciate the democratic leanings of the school – check out the adventure map idea. Nerds, see also: student character sheets apparently act as report cards/merit sashes. (Shared by Andrew Coy.)

  • Shared by Mal Booth: “Twitter announces tool to embed interactive timelines of tweets into any site.” With an easy html embed, this could be a useful tool for kids researching current events or interviewing experts or mentors – or for kids mapping how social media works to spread news.

  • Star Wars Uncut stitched short fan-made snippets into a full-on patchwork quilt of a movie. Now it’s time for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut (TESBU). The idea here isn’t so much, “have kids contribute to TESBU,” as it is, “ask kids to reinterpret a film – or other work of art – together.” I wonder if re-making even a small part of something like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind would be an engaging problem-based task to go along with an ecological read like, say, Hoot.