What we compose: a National Day of Writing #whatiwrite post

by Chad Sansing

Composing at CPCS

Composing at CPCS

For #whatiwrite, I asked students in my language arts classes to tell me about what they like to write, make, build, design, or otherwise compose.

Here’s what we had to say:

  • “I like to write about pig-men from Minecraft riding skateboards. You should ice up my book. It’s pretty nice. It’s about twenty bucks.”
  • “I like to write about action.”
  • “I like to build things with moving parts from Legos.”
  • “I like to make art, like sculpture and other stuff.”
  • “I like to write fictional stories.”
  • “I like to write any kind of story. I’m writing a book. It’s about a girl who gets stranded on an island. She’s going to England. Her boat crashes. Everyone else makes it away but her. She has to survive with the stuff in her backpack. It’s about her learning everything, really – to appreciate what she has.”
  • “I like to write poems, like haiku.”
  • “I’m currently working the second edition of my ‘zine based on my reading of Communist Horizons.”
  • “I’m writing a book. It’s a mystery story. It’s about these kids. Strange things are happening. They see them in the newspaper. Their dad is a police officer. They try to help without the dad knowing. They help with their dog who is a K9 dog.”
  • “I like to tell stories in class.”
  • “I like to write cartoons about a fictional bug character who goes on a journey to feed a potato to avenge his parents’ death.”
  • “I like making stuff in Minecraft – like a clock.”
  • “I like to write poems like haikus and limericks. They’re fun.”
  • “I like to make stencil art.”
  • “I like to draw monsters and human anatomy.”
  • “I like composing music. I play a lot of instruments like the flute, ukelele, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, piccolo, trumpet, recorder, clarinet, oboe, bells, and violin cello.”
  • “I like to build workspaces. I like to include my favorite books and pictures of art, family, and friends.”
  • “I like to draw random stuff, like characters. I am designing a clone named 7 for a web comic.”

I’m really happy to be surrounded by these writers and makers and I appreciate how their answers speak to both the comfort and challenge of creating.